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PRL-8-53 Neurofluid

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  •   improves working and long-term memory
  •   has anti-depressant effects
  •  has diastolic effects

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PRL-8-53 (by. IUPAC-3- [2- [benzyl (methyl) amino] ethyl] benzoate) is a synthetic derivative of benzoic acid and phenethylamine. It was shown that it combats catatonia and ptosis caused by reserpine – a naturally occuring alkaloid that flushes out catecholamines from the central nervous system. Nonetheless, the exact mechanism of this substance is unknown. Study results suggest a positive effect of PRL-8-53 on the activity of the cholinergic and dopaminergic systems, and an inhibiting effect on the activity of the serotonin system.2

Studies with healthy individuals have shown that PRL-8-53 slightly improved the functioning of the working memory, and significantly improved long-term memory, especially in older participants of the study.2,3

Additionally, this compound has a positive effect on mood and an anti-depressant effect.1 Studies on animals have also determined the diastolic effects of PRL-8-53; wherein the spasmolitic activity of PRL-3-53 was three times as much as the activity of papaverine, which is a derivative of drotaverine (No-Spa) - a substance widely used in cases of spastic smooth muscles.1,2


Clinical trials on healthy participants used doses of 5 mg.2
As suggested in patent application, a daily dose is 0.01-4 mg/kg, where the most preverable dose range is 0.05-1.2 mg/kg.1


Lack of data.


Lack of data.

Side effects

There were no reported side effects in humans, however, studies in rats have shown that at a dose of 160 mg/kg (13-26 mg/kg in higher mammals, including humans) reduces the motor activity by 50%.2


1. Hansl, N. R. Process for hydrolyzing 3-trifluoromethyl phenethylamines. 1–12 (1974).
2. Hansl, N. R. & Mead, B. T. PRL-8-53: enhanced learning and subsequent retention in humans as a result of low oral doses of new psychotropic agent. Psychopharmacol. (Berl). 56, 249–253 (1978).
3. Hansl, N. R. A novel spasmolytic and CNS active agent: 3-(2-benzylmethylamino ethyl) benzoic acid methyl ester hydrochloride. Experientia. 30, 271–2. (1974).


Kompletnie na mnie nie działa.

Dawkowane przez tydzień pod język, nie przyniosło absolutnie żadnych rezultatów.

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Najlepszy wzmacniacz pamięci!

Dla mnie nie ma lepszego produktu jeśli chodzi o typowy nootrop na konsolidację pamięci, efekty widoczne po tygodniu stosowania. Uczyłem się nowej biblioteki w języku programowania Ruby, efekty zapamiętywania podczas kodzenia projektu nad wyraz widoczne.
Brawo Allchemy.

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dobre, ale do sporadycznego brania

produkt wprowadza mnie na wyższy poziom intelektualny, zaczynam rozumieć rzeczy, które wcześniej nie były dla mnie dostępne. Ma to jednak swoją cenę. Obniża poziom serotoniny co jest odczuwalne przy wyższych dawkach lub przy braniu tego w trybie ciągłym. Dla sporadycznego brania ( jak trzeba się czegoś nauczyć jest niezłe)

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CZW., 9 CZE 2016

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PRL-8-53  Neurofluid

PRL-8-53 Neurofluid

  •   improves working and long-term memory
  •   has anti-depressant effects
  •  has diastolic effects

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