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  •   stimulating effect
  •   helps burn fat
  •   reduces appetite

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Synephrine is a naturally occurring alkaloid, found in the leaves and fruit of the citrus tree. The most popular source of synephrine is the bitter orange (citrus auranium), originally occurring naturally in South-East Asia. The bitter orange was widely used in traditional Chinese medicine. The tree itself was introduced in Europe between the 10th and 11th century, and is currently grown in both North and South America.

Currently synephrine, which is the main active ingredient in bitter orange extracts, is highly valued for its its stimulating effects, as well as its properites of accelerating the burning of fat and facilitating appetite control.

Mechanism of action

Synephrine is widely used as a diet supplement and as an additive to substances aiding in weight loss. Being a natural equivalent to ephedrine, it stimulates the adrenaline receptors activating the sympathetic nervous system, which in turn is responsible for modulating metabolic intensity. Because of this, synephrine can be used effectively in promoting weight loss.4

Because of its resemblance to cholecystokinin, synephrine slows down intestinal movement, which in turn, reduces appetite.2

Biological activity

Studies on humans show that synephrine facilitates weight loss. It is most effective when used before physical training. Synephrine, despite its stimulating properties, does not increase heart rate or blood pressure.3

Certain studies on animals suggest that synephrine can be used to treat mild forms of sleeplessness. Its anxiolytic properites are also being studied.4


A recommended dose is 10-20mg, 3 times a day.


It is not recommended to combine synephrine with other stimulating substances, such as caffeine. 



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  •   stimulating effect
  •   helps burn fat
  •   reduces appetite

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