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Andarine (full name S-40503, shortened to S-4) was synthesized by the pharmaceutical company GTX Inc. with the aim of treating muscular dystrophy, ostheoporosis, and benign prostatic hypertrophy. S-4 is categorized as a SARM (Selective Androgen Receptor Modulator) and its mechanism is a selective binding to androgen receptors, which results in anabolic activity. In terms of its anabolic mechanism and the positive results it provides, S-4 is often compared to Winstrol. As an orally active SARM, S-4 is effective in maintaining a lean body mass, but can also significantly increase it. Andarine, however, is most effective in eliminating body fat.

IUPAC name: S-3- (4-Acetylaminophenoxy) -2-hydroxy-2-methyl-N- (4-nitro-3-trifluoromethylphenyl) propionamide
The bottle has a capacity of 50 ml and contains 1250 mg of Andarine (dropper intake – 12,5/0,5ml). This is an aromatic product.

Mechanism of action

Andarine binds exceptionally well with androgen receptors of the bones and muscles. Through the binding and activation of these receptors, changes in gene expression occur which induce the synthesis of protein, in turn increasing muscle mass. Despite the fact that S-4 does not have as impressive effects as Trenbolon in terms of increasing muscle mass; its results are astonishing when it comes to burning fat. This occurs because Andarine exhibits greater androgenic than anabolic activity out of all currently known SARMs (exhibits about 33% of the effects of androgenic testosterone). When androgenic hormones or SARMs bind to androgen receptors in adipose tissue, this leads to its oxidation.
The activity of Andraine is selective and does not exhibit any effects on the prostate gland. In lower doses, S-4 provides a rather weak anabolic effect, but higher doses provide interesting results in the form a lean and compact muscle mass- similar to the one achieved through the use of Winstrol or Anavar.
S-4 shows a particular impact on the construction, maintenance and strengthening of bone mass.


S-4 has a relatively short half-life of 4-6h. Therefore it is therefore necessary for it to be taken a few (2-3) times per day.

Scientific research on Andarine

In doses of 3mg/kg/day, S-4 was capable of rebuilding skeletal muscles (soleus muscles) in castrated rats, which may be significant during treatment of muscular dystrophy or hormone replacement therapy.
A 120-day comparative study between S-4 and DHT on ovariectomized rats demonstrated, that S-4 was able to maintain bone mass and bone strength at the level of the control rats not given an ovariectomy, and was more effective than DHT.
S-4 demonstrated the ability to increase the strength of the skeletal muscles, increase lean body mass, and in decreasing body fat and preventing bone loss.

Application of Andarine in the reduction of body fat (cutting)

This is the area where Andraine excels. The presence of androgen receptors in human adipocytes and preadipocytes indicates that androgens, through the regulation of their receptrs, may contribute to the development of adipose (fat) tissue. S-4 exhibits an affinity to androgen receptors, burns fat and leads to a decrease in the level of lipoprotein lipase (LPL), which causes lipid accumulation.

One of the most depressing results of "cutting" is the loss of hard gained muscle mass. The decrease in hormones and metabolism (T3, IGF, Testosterone etc.) due to a lack of calories is an ideal environment for catabolic muscle loss. This is why S-4 is also very effective in a low-calorie diet during the process of reducing fat while simultaneously maintaining muscle mass.
Additionally, S-4 increases muscle blood flow thereby promoting their good looks without water retention.
Other popular substances used to reduce muscle tissue, ie. Winstrol or Epistane can have a significant impact on the drying joints. Andarine does not have this effect so users can continue to successfully perform their exercises without loss of strength.

Application of Andraine in recomposition (recomping)

The effect of recomposing, or loss of body fat with a simultaneous increase in muscle mass, is probably the most desirable. To get the desired results in many directions, in this case, the main determining factor is time. It is quite difficult for other measures, ie. AAS / PH / DS, as they have a strenuous effect on the liver due to metabolism. In the case of S-4 the capabilities are much larger (because of the lack of toxic effects on the liver), and the duration of recomping can be extended to more than 6 weeks.

Side effects

Besides the above described low suppressive activity at higher doses, there is one side effect unique to S-4 that users of higher doses report. Namely, it is a difficulty to adjust the eyes to night vision and a yellowish glow seen throughout the day. This effect corresponds to the metabolite M1, which binds temporarily to receptors in the eye. This problem disappears within a few days to a week after cessation of S-4 use.

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Royal Jelly

Royal Jelly

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