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  •   stimulates
  •   improves concentration, memory and learning
  •   eleveates mood

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Hordenine has a positive effect on mood, gives energy, revitalizes, and facilitates learning and concentration processes.


Hordenine exhibits a weak adrenergic mechanism, which causes an insignificant secretion of norepinephrine. The stimulating effects are quite subtle and not cumbersome, though still noticeable.1

Attention and concentration

Hordenine a positive influence on cognitive functioning, improves the ability to concentrate and process information. It increases the availability of acetylcholine, a major neurotransmitter associated with memory.2


Hordenine has a positive effect on mood, gently lifting it and relieving nervous tension.

Weight loss

Hordenine stimulates the burning of fat tissue and reduces feelings of hunger- facilitating weight loss. 

Substrate for MAO B

Hordinine is a substrate for the monoamine oxidase B MAO enzyme, temporarily blocking it. This allows for other substances, such as phenylethylamine (PEA), to bypass the process of being broken down by this enzyme. Hordinine may be an interesting alternative for the MAO-B inhibitors, despite its mechanism of action is intermediate.


In larger doses, Hordenine can raise blood pressure, speed up the heart rate and cause anxiety. It is not recommended to take Hordenine at night, as it can hinder falling asleep. 


The studies used a dose of 50 -200mg.


Caffeine, PEA.


1. Hapke, H.J., Strathmann, W., (1995). Pharmacological effects of hordenine . Dtsch Tierarztl.
2. Schweitzer, A., Wright, S., (1938) Action of Hordenine Compounds on the Central Nervous System. London and Cambridge. J. Physiol.


Testuję hordeninę wraz z PEA. Nie próbowałam jej solo, natomiast w połączeniu z wyżej wspomnianą substancją efekt jest wyraźnie wyczuwalny - zwiększona energia, czujność, chęć do działania. Należy się jednak przygotować na nietuzinkowe doznania smakowe :) Jako, że jest to pierwszy komentarz na temat wspomnianej substancji pochwalę również obsługę sklepu - szybko, profesjonalnie, wszystkie suplementy mojego zamówienia przyszły solidnie zapakowane.

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  •   stimulates
  •   improves concentration, memory and learning
  •   eleveates mood

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